Monday, August 19, 2013

My Honey

Good morning.  Sitting here watching television, drinking my coffee on this dreary day.  It's raining and damp outside.  The dogs refuse to go outside to do their business.  My body is not able to fight with them.  When they are ready they will let me know.

My plan for today is to do absolutely nothing.  The activity of the past three months has caught up with me.  I must give in to this or else make it worse.

For me to be able to do nothing takes an amazing husband.  I have one.  This man has been my rock even before I became ill.

It's pretty funny really.  When I think about all those years ago (30) and what my life was like before this amazing man came into my life.  People actually told me not to marry him.  Good thing I didn't listen to them.

I love him so very much!

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