Sunday, March 28, 2010
Check this out.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I am often asked why I have a blog. Why, I am asked, do I put my thoughts out there for everyone to read? I've never given a definitive answer to this question. More times than not I have skirted around the issue.

I am not ashamed of my thoughts. Nor am I concerned about what those who read this will think, say or do. If when you read this you find something that helps you. My job is done. I write what I feel. It's my life. Mine to do with as I want.

So here it is. Here is the answer. I do it for no other reason than to write. I love it. I love that I may have the ability to put my thoughts down in a way that I never imagined I could.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hey everyone. It's been quite some time since I wrote anything. I really have no reason except to say that I haven't really felt like it. I hope you all are well. Or as well as can be expected. WHAT IS HAPPINESS??? It has been quite difficult for me to understand so much. Difficult for me to be in tune with the observable facts that present themselves in my life. What makes one being feel blissful may bring about distress to another. This is the stuff that wars are started over. It appears difficult for me because I have always known that each one of us in, in fact, an individual. There are groups dedicated to an idea of how things should be done. But in those groups there are differences. This is because we still are different. Different in the way we think. Different in the way we do things. Perceive things. People are diverse. The question still remains. Can the answer be as simple as what brings a smile to our faces? Is it that straightforward? It should be. But it doesn't always happen that way. I smile when I observe others smiling. I am genuinely delighted to hear about the good things that happen to others. Oh, don't get me wrong.... I have been known to judge more times than I care to admit. We are all guilty of this. That is what makes us human. My imperfection. The list is long. But it is what it is. I do not think that I am making much sense here. Here is where I am trying to go with this....... I want to be comfortable in an imperfect world. Not to be intolerant but to be forbearing and most of all understanding. I want to submit to my limitations and those of others with a pleasing and compassionate spirit. So what is happiness? It's just the smile on a face. What puts that smile there does not matter what it is that causes those facial muscles to form that smile. As long as it is not menacing or perverse. Not cruel, just loving (you know what I am trying to get at here). I so want to love and be loved. For who you are. For who I am.