Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm Back

First off I would like to apologize for not being very diligent in reading journals lately. 

I've been sick.  I had (have) a bad chest infection.  It took changing antibiotics two times, two puffer thingies, Clarinex, some new type of cough med that is shaped like tiny Vitamin E pills.  They call it pearls.  Also, I've been taking Lasix for the fluid in my lung.  And, more Tylenol and Advil than I can count.

You do know what taking all that medication has done to my INR levels.  I've always been screwy when it came to keeping my INR therapeutic.  Within the last three or so weeks since I have been sick my levels have been too high or too low.  Currently they are too low (1.7) to be exact.  So between that and hacking constantly (with blood in it), I went to the ER this morning.  The chest X-Ray was pretty good.  It appears that things are calming down in my lungs.  But, this coughing.... Oh this coughing is driving me crazy.  I think that I have popped a rib or two.  Have this pain on the outside of my chest on each side.  But we all know that when you have a chronic illness such as Lupus we don't heal as quickly as others.  My daughter had what I have and she was better in three days.  I am going on my third (or is it forth) week.

Being sick has knocked me down more so than other times.  I cannot walk up the stairs without feeling very winded.  It's as if I am suffocating.

On a more positive note........ John and Krissy ( Sometimes I Think) are home now.  Prayers were answered.  John is doing wonderfully,  I am so happy.  Check out Krissy's journal and leave a positive comment. 

We are planning a trip to see my Mom, Brother and his family down in South Carolina.  We are going in May.  I'm so excited.

As you can see from the time of this entry I am not sleeping.  It's been a bad couple of months as are as my sleeping is concerned.    Loretta (Life with Lupus) writes about this in her journal.  She calls it having sloppy sleeing habits.  Time to go back on Ambien or Lunesta again.  I have to if I want to be able to function at all during the day.

Hugs, Lu

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Following Dawn's lead Carpe Diem - Seize the Day I am going to write about what having a chronic, invisible illness has given me.

Living with a chronic illness is quite lonely even when you have a loving family.  I have found new, wonderful friends since I became ill.  Two in particular..... Donna and Hilja ......... We were message board buddies at first but then we became true friends.  Visiting and talking on the phone.  We socialize with each other and our spouses.  It's totally wonderful because I can be myself and I don't have to let the limitations of my illness hinder me.  I love them.

As I love all the other friends I have made online via the Lupus Message Board or through this journal.  I receive from these friends something that I hold so very precious.  Thank you.

And, this not being in any particular order, there is my amazing husband, Gary.  I was blessed the day I married him.  The blessings just keep coming.  He is my friend, my lover, my care giver and my soul mate.  Gary has proven time and time again how special I am to him.  I don't think their is a luckier woman alive.

My children, Gary, Jr. and Lauren, are my pride and joy.  They are everything I could have prayed my children would be.  They are kind, considerate and loving.  Not just to me but to everyone.  I always hear from others how wonderful they are.

So, even though I have been given this burden called Lupus, I am luckier than most.

Thank you.