Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Karyl's Weather Meme

This is from Karyl's Glimpses of Eternity.  I met Karyl on the Lupus General Discussion board, oh it has to be four years now.  Karyl is always so supportive and very upbeat.  I am happy that she is my friend. 
Karyl’s Weather Meme

1.     What is the most beautiful weather component you’ve ever seen?   While driving back from South Carolina last May the sky was an amazing blue.  Blue as I have ever seen a sky.


2.     What is the scariest weather component you’ve seen in person?   When I was about ten or so we had a very bad blizzard.  My father being the way he was, sent my sister Kathy and I out to start to shovel.  The blizzard was raging with winds so strong I don't even remember the speed.  All I remember is trying to get back in the house.  Kathy is three years younger than I am, so she was probably about 7.  She is a tiny little thing.  I remember walking with her facing me and holding on to me so that the winds didn't pick her up.  She must have been all of 45 pounds, if that much.


3.     What’s your favorite art with weather in it?  I can't think of anything right now.


4.     What’s your favorite movie with weather in it?  The Day after Tomorrow.


5.     Favorite book with weather in it lolGot me?


6.     What type weather is your most favorite?  I love it when we are all safe and sound at home and a blizzard is raging.


7.     What weather makes you want to leave your state for the day when it arrives?  Hot and Humid.


8.     What is your weather today?  Today was beautiful. I had all the windows in the entire house open.


9.     What was the worst weather you’ve had this year?  That NorEaster we just had.


10.    When the weather is so bad you can’t go out, what favorite activity do you do inside?  Cuddling on the couch with Hubby.


11.    If you could order your weather, what would you order for tomorrow?  60ish, some sun and wind.


12.    If your family could make the weather happen by voting, for what weather would the majority vote?  The kids still like a snow day.


13.    If you could have only one weather temperature and style, what would it be?  High 50's, some sun and wind.


14.    If you were stranded somewhere remote because of weather and could have the famous rescuer of your choice, who it would be?  Horatio Kane from CSI, Miami.\


Thanks Karyl, that was fun.

Friday, April 13, 2007


I am writing a new journal which will document our experiences while planning, moving and building our dream home in South Carolina.  Please stop by and visit.